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maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

Thoughts about the Qlik ecosystem

Thoughts about the Qlik ecosystem

About four years ago I jump along to the Qlik ecosystem as a Qlik partner. I immediately realise the value of it...
cool I thought then.

"It's not only the great technology but an active, innovative community surrounding it".

Here are listed some findings and perspectives of this ecosystem:

- Innovative technology (continual innovation and right direction)
- Sharing information through community
  * qlikview resources
  * qliksense resources
- QlikMarket for fantastic apps
- Qlikbranch for awesome outputs like extensions and visualizations
- Qlik's local presence geographically
- Qlik partner programmes and sharing technical informations
- Yearly Qlik Qonnections to have a look for future opportunities
- Awesome training programmes
- Continual and valuable communication from Qlik Partner managers
- Help from Qlik partner technical responsible persons
- Fantastics Qlik product support
- Very skilled Qlik personnel
- Lots of very experienced partners
- Massive amount of written articles, whitepapers, books and guides
- Great marketing activities, blogs and great Social Media activities.

I don`t know but for me this list looks pretty impressive, right.

Additional info:

I you yet haven't then please check more information from here;

Qlik website: www.qlik.com
Qlik blog: http://www.qlik.com/us/blog
Qlikview community: https://community.qlik.com/community/qlikview/resource-library
Qlik Sense community: https://community.qlik.com/community/qlik-sense/resource-library
Qlik Market: http://market.qlik.com
QlikBranch: http://branch.qlik.com

"If you believe to something and you see the opportunities, it's then easy to share the message".

Cool still.....

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