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maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2016

Coffee Break Series - Qlik Narratives tells stories of data

Coffee Break Series - Qlik Narratives tells stories of data

Time for another coffee. Lets look little closer what is meant by QlikNarratives. 

QlikNarratives is an extension, stop. What is an extension?

QlikSense Extensions

"They create new ways to visualize data and enhance user input and interaction. They can integrate with other systems and visual libraries such as D3, add new selection objects and productivity components , and do it all using open standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS"

Narratives for Qlik is...

Narratives for Qlik is an extension for Qlik Sense that transforms your visualizations into narratives. These narratives accelerate your understanding of the data and uncover hidden key insights not obvious in the visualizations alone.

That is fantastic way to know more about your data.

Lets try It...

Btw...you do have QlikSense Desktop installed,right. 
If not please go http://www.qlik.com/try-or-buy/download-qlik-sense

1. Where to find this extension:
Go to QlikMarket at http://market.qlik.com/narratives-for-qlik.html and find link to download.

2. Move and unzip downloaded extension file to correct place. For me it says 

3. Now open QlikSense Desktop

4. Open your Application. I will test it in Demo app called Consumer Sales and will create new sheet.

5.Give sheet Name .. for me it says Narratives

6.Open sheet and press edit

7.Create a chart or use existing one

8.Add Narratives extension to sheet. 

9.Activate added Narrative extension on sheet and press icon

10.Clik the chart you want to write narrative about

11.And it starts write a story....

Another coffee...yes 

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